About The purpose behind this site is to offer the chance to learn harp to anyone who has a desire. How it works is anyone from anywhere can register for online harp classes. After that, you begin your journey. Every week, I will send you a video link of that week’s lesson, which can range from posture improvement to finger techniques to basic scales. We then will arrange a consistent time and day to video call to see how you are doing and to give room for feedback.
Why my site is the best The idea behind this program is to offer an easily-accessible, affordable to those who need to feed their desire to learn something new. This is one of your best options because it presents easily-accessible harp lessons to those who are in places that do not have nearby teachers, as well as provides learners with affordable lessons. Most importantly, it extends one-on-one teachings from the instructor, which will engage and mold the student into a better performer.
Contacting If you’re interested in signing up, that’s fantastic! You can reach me best via email, (insert fake email), to register. Once you are officially registered, we will then discuss and decide on a time and day of the week to do weekly video calls. I’ll inform you of what is to be expected from you during the program. If you have any questions, feel free to ask. I can’t wait to work with you!